HD Kaliq Framed Pix 001.pngWelcome to my website.  My name is Kaliq Hatcher, and I am a student-athlete and running back on the Cerritos High School football team in Los Angeles County.  My first goal is to receive a great education.  Second,  I want to work with coaches and teammates to win games.  This is especially important coming from a small team that didn’t have the opportunity to have much success, or has never experienced a playoff game in the last decade.  I feel I can be a positive addition to any program, if I joined the backfield.  I will get the job done when my number is called.  I am a hard worker (no one works harder), I keep my grades up, I am reliable and try to lead by example on and off of the field.

I would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to look at my brief game clips.  My team is pretty young and still developing their football culture, but as a third year starter I have helped my team get more touchdowns, rushing yards and receiving yards that previous teams have ever got before.

Please let me know if you have any interest in me joining your great program.  Thank you and good luck as you build for next season.

For more info please visit Planet19.info